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  • Elton John - Songs from the West Coast

    The appearance of "Rocket Man"-era cohorts Nigel Olsson and Davey Johnstone as backing vocalists touches this CD with one of the trademark sounds of Elton John's 1969-75 LPs. John has acknowledged those records--his most typically singer-songwriterish - occasionally, if mostly to revisit audience favorites in concert (1987's Live in Australia, a late-'90s VH1 show). But on Songs from the West Coast, his admiration of Ryan Adams and Rufus Wainwright (a guest here) inspires him to recall the stripped-down, lyric-driven sensibility of his early days. The tone of the words Bernie Taupin feeds this notorious diva is elegiac, rooted in a wearier version of the romanticism that fueled oldies as diverse as "Your Song," "Love Lies Bleeding," and "Burn Down the Mission." West Coast sidesteps bombast with a couple of exceptions; only "The Wasteland," with its invocation of Robert Johnson, is enough to provoke a dismayed "oy." The standout track is "I Want Love," a Lennonesque rumination that's their most impressive writing, separately or together, in more than a decade.
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  • Eva Cassidy - Songbird

    Songbird is a posthumous anthology culled from the album Live At Blues Alley and her other solo release, Eva By Heart, along with one track from her 1992 duet album with Chuck Brown titled The Other Side.
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  • Offspring - Smash

    Call them the Nine Inch Nails of punk. Like NIN, the Offspring preserve the essential ingredients of their chosen genre - guitars grinding out three chords, shouted vocals, and plenty of vitriol - and layer them over a melodic base that packs considerable popular appeal.
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  • Binary Mom [Product Variants Demo]

    Show mom how much you love her by giving her a little bit of geek. Or, if you're a mom, show off your penchant for math or science! Zeros and ones spell "MOM" and confuse other people, which is always fun.
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  • Digital Angel [Product Options Demo]

    You guys have proven to us that you dig our female-exclusive angel shirts, so we're adding a third to the collection. Pixel Angel is for all the designers out there, toiling away at illustration and layout, making everyone's eyeballs happier every day.
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